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Former Atlantic County Prosecutor

35 Years of Criminal Law Experience

Prosecutorial and Defense Experience

Call Now: 609-625-7210
35 Years of Experience Ready to Defend You or Your Loved Ones

Knowledge and Experience When it Counts the Most.

Call Now: 609-625-7210


  • All Criminal Defense
    (Including Homicide)
  • Municipal Court
    (Criminal & Traffic Matters)

All Criminal Defense

The Housel Law Offices engage in defending criminal matters as serious as murders, sexual assaults, aggravated assaults and racketeering but also less serious matters such as drug possession and crimes against property. In essence, any criminal violation is within the firm's expertise. Whether our clients face long prison terms or just fines and probation we have the expertise and experience to zealously represent them.

Municipal Court and Related Matters

The Housel Law Offices defend matters in Municipal Court including driving while intoxicated (DWI) and other motor vehicle offenses. We deal with less serious criminal-type matters such as simple assaults and criminal mischief or trespassing. This includes violations of municipal ordinances, some of which are invalid attempts at regulation by municipalities.

Of traffic offenses, DWI may be by far the most serious exposing clients to lengthy license suspensions, serious fines and, for multiple offenders, significant jail sentences. Some other traffic offenses can involve the loss of liberty and some have recently been changed to upgrade them to criminal cases in the jurisdiction of the Superior, not Municipal, Court.

We welcome all these types of cases.

Knowledge and Experience When it Counts the Most.